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Every year around this time, it seems that people make the biggest decisions for their businesses, and not all of them reap the results business owners want. Whether you are planning something big for January or planning on cutting back a bit, there are a few mistakes you absolutely don’t want to make.

If you’ve read anything else that I’ve written, I’m sure you know how vital it is for your marketing and business efforts to be consistent. Consistency is the number one thing that will separate you from other businesses because plainly, not everyone else is good at it. Most small businesses struggle to keep posts going out, new ideas flowing, effective emails going out, and new names constantly coming to their business.

I’m sure even you have struggled to see your marketing efforts see results, but there are a few ways you can supercharge the beginning of 2018 and a few major mistakes to avoid.

1. Don’t plan all this marketing for the new year with little to no follow-up plan.

You’ll probably see ads everywhere for 2018, you may be seeing them already. The funny thing is that some small business owners get so excited about getting themselves out there, and they forget to create the right type of nurturing processes to bringing in and keeping the potential clients and customers interested after they’ve seen your campaign.

You can overcome this mistake simply by asking yourself, “What is my gameplan once people are on my site or are signed up?” I like to put the focus on how everything looks to the client and putting myself in their shoes. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable investing money with a company that has little follow up, bad design in their marketing, or doesn’t put in the effort to keep people interested, you probably shouldn’t exhibit those same traits.

2. Don’t start big in 2018, and end small – find your niches and run with them.

Just like new year’s resolutions, many businesses will begin 2018 with a bang and may even see some results of their new marketing campaigns, but by March will be back to the mindset that they cannot keep up with the constant flow of social media and marketing that is needed.

I want to set the bar now and simply say it is possible. You can do it.

The key is that as a business owner you have constant distractions, some that are even more intense if you have a family, and so it is important to look at your year in entirety, and find those marketing outputs that are most beneficial to you – find the ones that are going to guarantee you sales and leads. Then I would curate that list down to the ones that you can manage consistently on a weekly and monthly level, ask yourself what you can do and make time for no matter the workload you are seeing. Then mark a consistent time in your calendar every week to spend time on that marketing. If you do it every week as a process that is not allowed to be booked over, you will always have time for it – that “meeting” you have every week should be sacred.

As the old saying goes, you make time for what is important to you.

3. Don’t pull back on marketing dollars because 2017 is over.

This is one of the silliest things I see from businesses and their owners. Many owners operate under a deadline mentality and wait until they are near the date they need something done to begin it. Whether this is because the money is short in 2017, there are many things you can afford to be doing that will help you start strong and not rush at the end of the year to hit your targets. If you outsource, most agencies even over payment plans and cheaper monthly rates to helping you reach your goals.

Everyone goes through low months, but to harp back on my consistency speech, you can’t expect to be noticed by clients and customers if you aren’t putting yourself out there. Also, Google, Facebook, and Instagram have algorithms that push less consistent companies down, making them seen less when they actually get back to posting.

If you think about it, when everyone else is pulling back in marketing and you choose to not do so, your money and ads are actually much more potent.

2018 presents a lot of opportunity for all of us. New ideas, tools, leads, sales, and opportunities are out there just waiting for us to take them. Make a plan for this year, from January to December, and mark what you are wanting to accomplish and the steps you’ll need to get there. If you are going to accomplish it on your own, great – get to it! Otherwise, I would recommend finding someone or a company that understands your work and is willing to put in the time to make your marketing successful.

Happy marketing & have a happy new year!


Author Jon Grogan

Since 2011, Jon Grogan has been working heavily in the fields of design, photography and digital marketing. He vigorously pursues a minimalistic style in all of his work and aims to provide each individual relationship with quality and friendship.

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