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When attempting to better your online presence, it can be easy to throw money at any option that promises the help you are looking for. While ad firms have strategies that can more affectively get you higher in search rankings, there are things you can do today that will help your rankings. The important thing to keep in mind with digital marketing like this is that everyone is a learner. Don’t be discouraged by not knowing a lot about this topic today, when you can research and have a better foot forward tomorrow.

1. Utilize Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is a free tool provided by Google to help in the submission of online content for Google robots to scan. On a regular basis, these robots will scan across your site and structure your search results based on any number of factors, and based on the quality of your content.

Using this tool you can submit content for review, add a sitemap for easy navigation and search-ability, and even designate which pages you don’t want to appear as important on the search. This tool has a lot of other helpful features that you can easily begin managing, and can help you rise in the rankings with no initial cost to setup an account.

2. Write Fresh, Original Content

It can be frustrating to have to write content for your site when you run a small business. It can feel like there are an endless number of tasks that seem to never die down. Writing fresh content for your site is one of the most helpful things you can do for your site. We’ve mentioned in previous posts that this can also help draw new viewers, but it also helps Google see you as a reputable source.

Google has a tendency to push out the sites that never update their content, use other people’s content, and those that are not structured correctly. Setting aside even an hour a week to manage new content on your site will drastically help you with your google rankings.

3. Strategize Your Site’s Navigation

This topic is not necessarily the easiest, but is something that everyone can work towards. Essentially the goal of your site is to have everything function around what is known as cornerstone content. This content is really the reason that you have the site. It might be a services page, a sales page, etc. All other content will either refer or link to those other pages. Having your navigation structured in this way will help you get noticed by Google as a more reputable source.

You can do this by only listing in the navigation of your site the pages that are immediately necessary for the user to learn about your company and to get to the pages you are wanting to push. After that, you can include all other pages as links inside of these cornerstone pages, or add the other pages in your footer. The main goal is to not include more than 4-7 links in your navigation and to base everything around the simple main content of your site. Google has made the claim that having more than this number in your navigation can decrease the usability of your site, and thus push you lower on the Google ranking list.

While you can definitely figure some of these strategies out on your own and see growth, we always recommend you get consultation from a company like us to assure that you are headed in the right direction. We’d love to connect with you on anything you might be needing.

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