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Facebook videos are easily one of the more attention-grabbing items on the platform. You can’t really get on facebook anymore without seeing a video that someone has shared, and it grabs your attention to find out what it’s about, at least for a few seconds.

There are a few easy things you can add to your posting process and strategy that will increase the effectivity of your posts and will help draw more customers to your page and site.

1. First 4 Seconds

The first four seconds are vitally important when posting on Facebook. Most of the time, companies will reuse videos that they’ve made for other parts of their campaign, videos that have a long build up, with shots that don’t grab peoples’ attention and don’t explain right off the bat what they are seeing and why.


You have to consider the ways in which people will find your video. It will likely be on the scroll through their feed. This means that the first 4 seconds you have in your video are the most important. If you have an amazing campaign video, take just a bit more time to make a Facebook “version” of the video so that it immediately grabs peoples’ attention, focusing on buzz words, interesting content, and helpful insights.

2. Always Use Subtitles

Subtitles have become increasingly more important because of the ways in which people are viewing their Facebook. Think about this, you are in a coffee shop and are scrolling through Facebook. You’ve forgotten to check if your audio is low, and as your scrolling down the page a video starts, blaring audio about some news story for all to hear. This is why Facebook has removed the “auto audio” from the auto play feature. Many viewers may not ever hear the audio to your video.

By simply adding subtitles to your video, someone may watch the whole video without sound, but can easily understand and be interested in what you are wanting to say and sell.

3. Include Call To Action

Facebook now gives the opportunity for you to add a “Call to Action” button to your videos. This is simply a button that directs people where you are wanting them to go. If you are selling a product, having a buy now button along with your compelling video can increase the likelihood of a purchase, especially if that button leads them right to the product on your site.

4. Upload Directly to Facebook

Facebook for years has been giving priority to those that schedule and post directly in Facebook itself. Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and all of the other great social media programs are a great addition to your arsenal but may limit the overall exposure of each post.

There are quite a few benefits to adding your posts, especially video, directly in Facebook including increased exposure and video compression that is fitted for facebook.


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