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When we deliver Google Analytics to our clients every month, we often receive questions back about certain terms that can be found in the analytics dashboard. Bounce rates, sessions, referrals, and more can be a lot to keep up with. We wanted to give some tips on Google Analytics and how you can use them more effectively for your business.

1. Bounce Rates

Your bounce rate is based off the total percentage of your views for the month that landed on your page and left without reading or clicking anything. We’ve seen numbers that range from 7% (a really good rate) all the way to 92.7% (considered a really bad rate). Wherever your site is landing in the spectrum this typically is significant of one main note: the poeple that are landing on your site are either not finding what they need/want, it’s taking too long to load, too difficult to use, or people landed expecting something else and simply don’t care for what they found on your site.

If you have a really high bounce rate, the best things to adjust are to:

  1. make sure that the content you are providing is what is being promised or described on the referral source
  2. make sure that your site is easily accessible from both mobile and desktop browsers
  3. quickly get to the point on the page on what you are wanting people to do or give the view what they want earlier

2. Acquisition

The acquisition section of your site allows you to look at where people are coming from when they come to your site. The main segments are:

Search – When people find you from a google, bing, or yahoo search engine and click on your site’s link.
Direct – When people type the url of your site in their url bar, directly landing them on your site.
Referral – When someone clicks on a linked reference to your site on another website, blog, or archive that is not a search engine.
Social – When someone clicks on a social link to land on your site.

While referrals are some of the most helpful acquisitions because they often come from a trusted source and greatly help your SEO game, having a strong mixture of all of these acquisitions will help you create a strong presence online.

3. Exit Rate

This number is simply placed on pages you are analyzing, and gives the actual percentage of people who visit this page before exiting your site altogether. This is helpful as it will allow you to identify possible pages of difficulty both on use and in finding information. If people are leaving by the masses on this page, then there is something to consider about the way this page is laid out and designed.

4. Average Time On Page

This number allows you to identify if people are spending the time on your page that you intend. If the average time spent on page is 3 seconds, chances are that they are backing out or that they didn’t want to read what you’ve put on the page. In many cases where a video is present, it is typically good to see a time that is a bit longer than the video length, being that this signifies that the viewer is taking time to watch the video and look around a bit.

This number can be subjective based on the page and what you want them to do.

5. New Visitor Rate

This number will be the last one that we discuss for this post. It basically helps you identify what percentage of people that are coming to your site are new and have not been there before. It can be helpful to know this, because you would treat an old friend much different than a new acquaintance. If you have a high percentage of new visitors every month, it might be worth organizing your site in a way that is focused on leading and helping new customers to the locations you are wanting, while long-time customers may be more familiar with the workings of your site.

Have questions on other terms? Let us know in the comments or by contacting us!


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