Giving you a birds eye view on your brand, and helping you get where you need to be.

We are a boutique agency always working toward full-service support that focuses on providing high quality and detailed processes while maintaining reasonable costs and timelines for each customer.

We all know what it feels like to hire a designer, pay our downpayment, not hear from them for a month, and then receive something back that you don’t love. We know that’s the worst, and we aim to fix that broken part of the design industry.

Our process-driven mentality to providing you with high-quality designs and results means that you know what to expect as we work together. We take you through an ideation process to gather your goals and interests, involve you in the process – keeping you updated on a weekly basis through your preferred means of communication, and then provide you time along the way to give your input while giving clear details on what you can expect.

Decades of Experience

Sometimes it can be difficult to find experienced designers and marketers that will get your work done within a budget that you can afford. We understand.

With decades of experience between the members and supporting cast of our team, we are able to provide quality work that appropriately addresses the needs of your business, while giving you a big picture on what to expect once you put your idea out to the world.

We aim to have no surprises once everything launches so that you can really trust what we’re providing to you.

Jon Grogan Tulsa branding

Jon Grogan

Owner of Jon Grogan Studio

Since 2011, Jon Grogan has been working heavily in the fields of design, photography and digital marketing. He vigorously pursues a minimalistic style in all of his work and aims to provide each individual relationship with quality and friendship.

His passionate pursuit to help small businesses reach their goals, and for them to look good while doing so, has brought over 40 small businesses to new success over the past 2.5 years.

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