Jon Grogan

Creative Direction & Business Growth Coach

For over 10 years, Jon has been immersed in the advertising, tech and creative industries. Starting as a Junior designer and working up to Creative Director and ultimately owning an agency for 7 years, and becoming COO of a tech-startup – Jon is able to add a level of understanding the guidance he provides for those seeking funding or seeking to bootstrap their young business.

Whether it’s branding, design, marketing, or business strategy, Jon is well-versed in finding the right next steps for your business to assure you’re on the path to growth.

Joy Grogan

Art Director

Trained as a graphic designer and photographer, Joy approaches her work with attention to detail and precision. Bold color palettes and forms are consistently found in her work are the accumulation of natural occurrences in light, feelings, and plants.

Her work explores the connection between colors while creating visual order through the strategic placement of each shape.

Joy is passionate about the unique impact art has on every individual’s experience. She believes that art depicts the soul and personality creating a sense of completion in the spaces we dwell.

Abbey Wells

Director of Operations