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It’s incredibly easy these days to create a blog, with options like Squarespace and WordPress, and get your content and message up online. On the other hand, it’s not so easy to build a following to read that content and to use that content to build trust with potential customers.

If your strategy looks anything like what ours looks like, content is the foundation of connecting with people, sharing your work with the world, and helping people understand what they can expect by working with you. Those goals don’t matter though if you aren’t connecting with your specific audience.

We’ve found a few helpful ways that you can better reach your audience and even hone in on who your specific audience is. If you have any questions or thoughts on how you’ve seen growth in different ways, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or by contacting us.

1. Target your content to micro-markets of an Audience likely to share.

This isn’t always a simple task, finding those individuals that are likely to share your content, but as your blog continues to get views you will notice certain micro-markets of people that will share your post.  Creating content that is true to your vision and brand, but then communicating about it in posts that are attractive to that micro-market will increase the likelihood of you getting out in front of more people due to sharing, posting and searching.

Micro-markets can also be described as “tribes”, as coined by Seth Godin in his podcast geared for startups (below) as well as in much of his literature. The idea is that there are groups of people that are extremely devoted to each other, some without even knowing it, that come from similar backgrounds and if they are given the chance to have a good opportunity with your brand will share it with the rest of the tribe. He uses the analogy that gay men are not a tribe, they have similarities but are not necessarily devoted to each other, but gay men that parade together are a tribe. They may not know each other well but are likely to share content and products that they enjoy with those in the tribe that will also benefit.

It is vital as you aim to increase traffic on your blog that you focus on these “tribes” that will share and stay devoted to your brand, as they will increase the level of trust that others have on an entry level to your company.

2. Interact with communities around your message.

One of the more obvious things to us is this idea of “networking” with your online audience. Simply put, if you started a business and just sat in your house waiting for customers to come, you probably wouldn’t get much, if any, new business. In the same way, people interact on a consistent basis in hashtags, chatrooms, slack communities, facebook groups, etc and are talking about the things that your company specializes in. It is absolutely vital that you get out there and interact with them.

As with everything that we do in marketing, this builds trust. When people see someone from a company interacting on a genuine level and providing information that is helping others without bringing up pricing and hourly rates, this does something for them. It communicates that there is a real and genuine side to your company that wants to help people – and that’s attractive to them.

Additionally, this is a no-brainer because it is a more organic and free way to bring people to your site on a consistent basis. I implore you though, marketing like this is exponential, but it starts slow. Do not be discouraged when you don’t get 1,000 views on the first day. Stay consistent.

3. Keep writing.

One of the last things that have proven to be necessary and helpful advice for business owners is the encouragement to just keep writing. It can be discouraging to start your blog and not have the views you wanted or even expected for a while. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

There is a building to every great campaign and content strategy, and you are on your way. The last thing you want to do is quit before you get there. Interestingly enough, the more posts you have on a topic, the easier it is to build trust and communicate your expertise as well.

Keep writing, sharing, recording, shooting, building, and the views will come!

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Since 2011, Jon Grogan has been working heavily in the fields of design, photography and digital marketing. He vigorously pursues a minimalistic style in all of his work and aims to provide each individual relationship with quality and friendship.

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