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It’s fair to say that most of our clients at one point have asked us about the best ways to creating social media content. Most business owners are baffled by this task, some just plain give up, and some even pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in having ad agencies manage these materials every month. Now whether you are the type that would rather manage your social media or you are the type that would rather pay someone else to do it, there are some key points that you will want to include to assure that your social media is conveying the right message to your audience.

Most business owners are busy all day and are constantly thinking about things like payroll, project management, client communication, and sales – social media may feel unnecessary and an afterthought. The important thing is to take yourself away from how you view your company and to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. What they think about your company will ultimately decide how your company does. If viewers think that the people at your company are boring, rude or dishonest, well then of course they won’t buy your product. It’s important to let social media be an avenue of “correcting” their view on your company by making things fun and by adding value to their lives.

Gary Vaynerchuk has consistently said that, “It’s the message, not the medium.” This statement is directed towards social media. Here are three keys to helping you create strong and positive social media content:

1. Keep things positive.

This has to be one of the biggest deal breakers on social media right now. Looking around, there are arguments on every post’s comments about political parties, opinions about everything, and even worse, just plain mean comments from one person to another. It could easily be said that the environment on social media is hostile.

It will be up to you to help control this by making sure that your posts are not just selling things, but are increasing the positivity on the platforms you use. Sharing positivity about your product, sharing stories about your business, and even highlighting your customers in some way are all examples of ways to keep things positive. Your posts should add value to your customers’ lives by sharing something they would benefit from or enjoy, and do it in a way that helps them see what a great company your’s is.

As a second note to this strategy, you will also want to keep your online viewing community safe from commenters that would try to bring negativity to your posts. Responding to questions can help, but we all know that sometimes people are only interested in arguing – that’s where a helpful tool called “hide comment” comes in handy. If you’ve done your best to reason with someone, go ahead and hide their comment from the rest of your viewers. This will leave the comment up for the poster to see, but will take it down from ruining the perspective of the people that love your product or service.

2. Keep it about you and your clients, not your competitors and theirs.

This strategy is pretty straightforward. Don’t talk bad about your competitors. A wise man once told me that it is pointless to write negativity about competitors when you could easily spend your time focusing on honing your product and craft. It doesn’t matter what they say about you. If you provide great products or services and amazing customer service, their comments will just seem like petty attempts to attack you.

And that’s the way you’ll come off if you talk negatively about competitors.

Remember, customers come to your platforms to read about how great you are and how you’re going to make everything better for them – let’s give them what they want!

3. Most importantly, be personal.

This is probably one of the most vaguely used statements in the social media and consulting world, but I think it can be broken down really easily.

You want to connect with your target market, with a strong message about your company, and do so in a way that relates to what they normally like to find on social media. If your target market really likes Facebook videos, you need to find a way to bring them your message on Facebook. If they read a lot of blogs or ask a lot of questions on google about what you are providing, write blog posts to help let you answer their questions in a blog format. It is important that you put yourself in their shoes to establish what would make you feel comfortable enough to purchase a product.

If a customer is coming to a platform and stumbles across your content, it will more than likely connect with them if it feels like the types of posts they are interested in. This is why it is important to know your target market. It would be too easy to create a post that says, “We can paint your house.” Client’s want to see why working with you is better, and so you could instead show a video of you doing a walk through of someone’s freshly painted house (done by your company of course) and talking about how much easier it is to hire your company.

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Since 2011, Jon Grogan has been working heavily in the fields of design, photography and digital marketing. He vigorously pursues a minimalistic style in all of his work and aims to provide each individual relationship with quality and friendship.

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