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Every major advertising network and social media platform these days has an intricate series of algorithms that are designed to help deliver exactly what you want to see, at the times you are looking for it. Friend’s photos, new babies, wedding posts, and all of the little things you like and interact with communicate what you want to see, and then the algorithm delivers new content to you consistently based on those things you enjoyed in the past.

If the algorithm sounds difficult to you, you’re right. It is difficult to keep up with, but it’s not impossible to use it to your advantage.

Advertising and SEO giant, Google, is always updating their search and ad algorithms to assure that advertisers are getting the best bang for their buck and to assure that the best companies and individuals show up when someone searches for something. For instance, if you searched for best photographers in your area, and Google provided a result from South China of a guy that shoots photography on his iPhone, I’m sure you wouldn’t continue to trust Google in quite the same way you currently do.

That said, when you are working on SEO, it is important that you provide Google what they are looking for in a site, so that you can be registered as quality content and thus show up on more and more searches. Sounds simple when you put it that way, right?

Now for the updates.

In March of 2o17, Google released one massive update eloquently dubbed “Fred” that caused some sites to see up to a 90% drop in their views and search results. There was obviously major backlash from companies as many tried to get back in Google’s good graces. The update(s) basically was set to punish sites that had low content quality scores, a high volume of onsite advertising, and were based on revenue generation. Updates like these are changing the way that the internet works.

In the old days, it was easier to place some ads on your blog, publish content based on fundraising and sales, and barely scathe by with little to no mobile site.

That, unfortunately, is not possible.

As you move into 2018, this update should be on your mind. You need to be asking yourself, do I actually care about the content I am putting out, or do I simply do this to get it done? Do I put out content that helps customers/viewers and builds trust around my brand, or am I just reiterating the same sales message over and over?

The world that we live in now expects businesses to be transparent and build trust without the cheesy sales tactics of the past. Google is simply applying this change in culture to their network. An update to your site might help your SEO this coming year, and could really help you communicate better with your current viewers consistently visiting your site.

If you’re interesting in seeing a more holistic history of Google’s algorithm updates, feel free to check out this blog:

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