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With close to 80% of all websites running on PHP, the language responsible for WordPress development in most scenarios, it will come as a shock to hear that, according to this article on, security support will be dropping for many of these sites in just under 10 weeks.

These statistics have been researched and released by W3 Techs, a “Web Technology Survey” company. This specific survey shows what percentage of currently running websites on the internet are using PHP, and what versions are being used. “Version 5 of PHP is used by 61.7% of all websites on the internet.” Read the statistics here.

PHP 7 and Older Versions

Just like phone and computer operating systems, the PHP script is updated often, leaving their predecessors in the dust. The most recent iteration of PHP available is version 7.2; when it released in 2014, most users had the option of sticking with a variation of version 5. It’s come a long way, similar to the evolution of the iPhone 3G to the iPhone X, and offers incredible new speeds, quality design options, and new tools for developers.

With many hosts leaving PHP 5 as an option, numerous users within WordPress are still using a variation of that version, which is not helpful for most users. Using old plugins and PHP version can be claimed as the source for many hacks when it comes to WordPress, as it leaves the site with weaknesses that hackers can easily access. In fact, by default, WordPress sets up new users on a running version of PHP 7. Users who have initially set up their site through older versions will be asked if they would like to switch over to a newer version.

What do these Updates Mean?

Due to the new versions that are continually developing, the PHP team will be dropping security updates on any version 5.9 and older, in consequence, leaving those sites that refuse to update susceptible to major security risks. For many, this should cause concern as this world is both foreign to them, while also scary with the possibility of losing data.

How We Help

The beautiful thing for most of our clients, is that they’ve chosen to host their completed WordPress site through our server, and all of this has been handled for them. If you currently have a site that is running on our server, we assure that you are monthly up to date and partner with another team to assure that security and uptime is monitored 24-7/365.

We know that even on holidays – downtime and security openings are not an option.

While some WordPress users may have cause for alarm, we confidently say that you do not need to worry. We have your back.

I Need Help!

If you are not currently hosted by our team, and this sounds like something you could use help with, we’d love to connect with you.

Feel free to email at anytime and we’ll make sure that you and your company are safe. We’ll even migrate your site over for free!


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