Branding a Therapist

Since leaving ORU, Alina Garbuz had dreamed of owning her own therapy practice. She tirelessly worked to further her education and knowledge of the field while spending time at a firm developing her resume. When we met Alina she had recently decided that it was time to make the switch to her own practice, and with that she realized she needed to begin branding herself and her online presence.

When we initially met with Alina, we established that she was really needing a “from the ground up” branding and marketing team to help her establish herself among other therapy options in the Tulsa area. We began her branding with ideas surrounding the symbolism that follows therapy, counseling, and the many methods that follow the field. After development and thorough revisioning, we established that the best look to represent her would be a “hand-made” look. This ended up representing her personality much better, and helped in communicating with potential customers that might be confused about her services because of a very specific symbolism with the branding.

Tulsa Branding Team

Her logo features a hand-written word mark that lays nicely with the icon, also hand-drawn, of a stem. This icon specifically comes from Alina’s love of the “outdoors” and alludes to her methods using the “outdoors” to help her clients receive mental freedom quickly and effectively in every meeting.

Responsive Web Design

Our main area of work for our clients is in website design, development, and management. We provide hosting and monthly management that rival even the best companies because of our well-developed systems and the access that we have to quality resources. With that in mind, we set Alina up with a responsive website that shows a quality content display on every device. When operating in a world where businesses need leads and those leads come from customers who want quick and easy information, our websites have to quickly and efficiently portray information on every site.

Beautiful images paired with every blog, we constructed a blog look that is geared towards easy reading and even easier sharing. Every post is equipped for sharing tools that are easily found on every device. Blogs being a key way for Alina to tell her stories and experiences, we wanted to make these blogs enjoyable to read for every viewer.

To see this site and brand in action, head over to