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Homemade Tamales in Temecula

In 2016 we had the chance to work with a company that specializes in making authentic Hispanic dishes. Of their many tasty dishes, their most popular were their tamales.

Avocado Tamales came to us with the need for a mobile-friendly online store that would help them put their product to a broader audience while helping them sell even more in the markets that they were already involved in locally.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile…

We realized throughout the strategization stage of the project that many of the users in their target market would be coming from mobile-focused devices from people that were on the go.

We worked with them to create a great desktop experience along with extremely usable mobile environments to help the viewer easily purchase the products they were searching for.

Tulsa Branding Company
Tulsa Branding Company

Targeted Branding

While constructing the new face of their logo, we realized through selling in markets first, and online second that many would recognize them from their food truck appearance. Thus, we created them a logo that will look great on a package jar of salsa, but will also look great on the side of a food truck.