Education done differently.

In early April we got a call from a Colorado Springs creative agency needing assistance in creating a website for a Charter school in the area. They had developed a brand and marketing plan, but decided to bring us on for our specialization in web design.

Compass High School represents a new movement of schools that focus on teaching students the information that they actually need to know; preparing them for university and more intuitively preparing them for a future job. The arrangement of this charter school was developed from the opinions and found needs of students for students.

Jon Grogan Tulsa Branding

Finding Solutions

We begin every website process by sitting down with the client and clearly establishing a list of needs and gathering the ways that we can solve them through quality web design and intuitive UI/UX.

This charter school is working in a community that has English and Spanish language influence, and so we developed a language tab to help Spanish speakers clearly be able to switch to their language of preference. This helps market on a multitude of levels, but the main benefit from this caters to the needs of people communicating to them that they are important.

We also recognized that this site would likely be accessed by parents, many of which surf the web and check for information using mobile devices. That in mind, this site is carefully laid out and prepared for every mobile device on the market. Using our in-house strategies for mobile adaptivity, Compass High School is able to deliver the same quality experience on every mobile device.

With these and many more needs addressed, the site is now able to perform the way that the school needs. Consistent marketing and content development are much easier when everything is established on a solid system.

To see this site and brand in action, head over to