Tulsa Branding Company

Beginning in the late fall of 2014, we began working with edit., a local designer retail store that emphasizes the importance of having less, yet having more quality items. The owners of edit. came to the table with a few past attempts at making websites through other designers and methods, and some solid ideas that built the foundation and direction of the website.

Their primary reasoning behind building the website was to present a broader audience within their market the opportunity to see and purchase items within their store from online. This is a pretty common idea within modern retail, but you would be surprised at how many stores of this kind lack the necessary online presence to sell to younger and more modern audiences.

With that being said, matching both edit.’s style and the functionality needed for a high-performance online store, we at the Studio created a beautiful site with a minimal design, forcing the viewer to see the products and beautiful imagery taken by the shop. With simple yet strategic CSS effects and responsive designs built on the framework of the Shopify interface, the webstore is structured to aid the viewer in quickly finding the items they are looking for, all the while creating an enjoyable experience.

To see this site and brand in action, head over to thisisedit.com.