Throughout 2016 and 2017, we have had the absolute pleasure of supporting The Ark Church in many projects. One of the first things we worked on together was an e-commerce solution for the sales of their children’s’ ministry curriculum. When we first met, they had already established a brand that they felt would market well for them, and requested a high-end feeling e-commerce site to sell and promote their product from.

We led this team through a number of design layouts, studying the trends of high-performing marketing and e-commerce sites, all in focus of providing a high-quality design without sacrificing the functional and performance aspects of the site.

This “sales funnel” structured site is built on WordPress with the assistance of Woocommerce and many custom PHP elements designed by our team.

Certain features that are included in this site include:

  • direct tax-deduction ability for nonprofits directly in the shopping cart/my account page after 501(C)3 IRS code provision (no wait times needed!)
  • the storing and attribution of all purchases to a download page built in their account for later downloading
  • easy checkout without moving pages through stripe (this has been shown to increase sales for many sites as customers are sometimes lost in load times from page to page within checkout)

To see this site and brand in action, head over to!