We recently did some photography and web design for a businessman in Tulsa that is releasing a site to build community throughout the downtown area. His goals are to connect with locals to build new opportunities, and more importantly to build relationships.

He came to the studio looking to build a completely HTML5 based site build on bootstrap for ease of use later. Being that he was open to having us code his site, we were able to experiment with ideas that can only be tested in fully coded sites. Kevin’s initial desire was to have a site that would expose his interests, goals and aspirations in a way that invited others to share theirs. This site would be both a connection point, but also a marketing opportunity for Kevin, showing how driven he is to possible partners and employers.

The photography we shot with him was an opportunity to communicate Kevin in the environment that he intended to connect with those that found him via his website. The mentality coming into a new city is, “let’s grab a beer.”

Overall, the site simply communicates with clear photography and color, and present Kevin as a driven individual that is looking for modern ways to connect with the world. With new business ventures on the way in Tulsa, we think you’ll be seeing more of him.

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To see this site in action, go to: professionallycurio.us