Toward the end of 2016, we began working with City Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma as they planned to expand their ministry from a local church to reaching into new communities locally and internationally through church planting.

They came to our studio needing a brand and needing help with establishing materials to get their brand established.

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Jon Grogan Tulsa Branding

When designing this brand, we recognized that there happened to be quite a bit of overused symbolism in the ministry market, and we wanted to avoid using something that could be confused for another organization. The client communicated that the heart of the ministry was to follow the heart of John 12:24, planting seeds throughout the world.

After talking with them further we settled on the symbolism of growth and sprouting to symbolize what happens when new life comes into a community.

We also wanted to focus on not giving an overly simplistic color palette, but providing a broad variations of 4-color, 2-color, and 1-color uses, allowing the logo to be branded in a quality way on a variety of applications.

Branding Agency Tulsa, OK

After finishing a brand, we were hired to create a website and a 16-page brochure to help the new organization represent itself to investors and potential participants.

We were able to design a user-friendly and responsive website for the client that works based on device size, allowing the same experience whether you are visiting on an iPhone, computer, or Nexus tablet.

We were also able to bring a level of continuity between the graphics in the brochure and the website, helping provide a similar experience and high level of information regardless of where you first read about the new network.

To see this site and brand in action, head over to!