Beginning in January of 2015, we began working with a cookie company based in Temecula, CA that was needing assistance with their online presence and finding structure in their marketing. They had an amazing product, built over 30+ years of baking experience, but were needing help to communicate that to current and new customers. In January we began with setting up a structure to their social media, helping them gauge their market’s interest in their product, and what mediums communicated best.

With their social media up and running, we began realizing parts of their website that were not able to keep up with the ebb and flow of modern web development, including Google’s increase in mobile priority. On top of that, the ever improving Woothemes made an update that did not coordinate well with the purchased theme they were using with their site. We decided that it was time to create a custom theme that would leave room for future growth and updating, and work well within the updating world of mobile websites.



One of the main goals of this website was to provide an extremely UX/UI focused shop experience. It is pretty annoying when online shopping and the shop has visible faults that cause you to struggle to purchase the product you know you want. We went into building this shop wanting to create a usable environment where everything the user could need to purchase or find a product was available.

As we built, we kept in mind the photography that Tangerine had on their old site in order to re-communicate that this was still the same old cookies the customers loved, but with improvements that would make it better for them.



We then created a logo, mulling over 25+ logo options and color palettes, giving them the one they felt communicated the look they envisioned for their company.

With the final site up and running, customers are now able to read the story behind the cookies they love so dearly and now build a more personal relationship with the people that make them.

To see this site in action, go to: