Beginning in early 2015, we began working with a ministry based in Alabama, Webb Ministries (Scott Webb Ministries), that was stuck in an old logo and website and in desperate need of a new online presence including google and SEO development.

We began working on developing fresh content to better represent the ministry in an online presence. This content would be key in generating views from adwords and SEO, but would need to be strategic enough to still communicate clearly the message of the ministry. This content development would be focused on online interactions, but would really need to draw in new donors to support the many projects of the ministry.

After content had been adjusted, we then redesigned their branding giving them a look that maintained the ministry’s historic name, but gave it a modern look. The main goal in this modern overhaul was to bring old donors up to speed to the direction of the ministry and it’s founder, while drawing in a younger crowd.

We then developed and designed an extremely user friendly website, that served as a beautiful representation of the ministry using the content previously developed. The site features simple minimalism that gives emphasis on the imagery the ministry uses from all over the globe. The ideal website for this ministry was one that really focused on bringing donors in and making them feel a part of the team, while mapping out every decision they could make on the website and then making those decisions user-friendly focused.

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