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Generating actual dollars in online revenue can be one of the most frustrating problems for a for-profit company. Some companies are even stuck in the cycle of spending too much money on old lead and sale generation strategies, just for the hope that it will continue to help their business in small ways. Interestingly enough, there are minor changes that you can make on your site that can help in this process.

In a world where a 1 second delay in site loading can reduce the sale potential by 7%, it’s safe to say that everyone can make necessary changes to their online presence in order to make it more “convenient” for the buyer. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 a day, a 1 second delay could cause $2.5 million in lost sales.

That being said, there are some really simple things you can do on your site to make sales an easy and obvious option for your clients or customers.

1. Get to the point!

Web Copy or Web Content is not what it use to be; people do not just read content because it’s there. Content can often feel like a puzzle, involving many different elements that all fit together to create a beautiful picture. But like a puzzle, if there are too many pieces, the whole puzzle can feel unappealing because of the amount of work required to get to the point

To be blunt, people don’t really care to read the entire 42 page history of your company or exactly how many extra features your service provides. A wise man once told me that clients don’t want to know what’s on the hamburger, they just want to know how it tastes. That means you should describe the reasons why a client or customer can trust your company, and how their lives will be made better, easier, or more convenient by utilizing what you are selling.

Probably one of the most common suggestions I make in regards to content such as this is on the homepage. The going stat is that viewers will decide if they want to look around your site for an extra 15-30 seconds within 0.5 seconds of landing on your site. That means that if you’ve passed their first approval, you still may have only 15 seconds to make an impression. The way to fix that? Get to the point, build trust, and do so with shorter content than what you’re probably using.

2. Your website isn’t responsive to all devices.

There is nothing like the ease of being able to view a website, order a product, and know that it is on the way to your house, all from the comfort of your mobile device. If you are not seeing sales on your website, one of the main reasons may be that your site might be difficult to use on one or many of the devices that people use daily.

This is not necessarily something that every company can fix on their own, and so we recommend you find someone that can help you build either a new design for your website, or update your site for mobile responsiveness.

One of the things that we provide as a studio, and that we recommend to all companies, is mobile responsiveness that is not focused on devices but rather relative screen sizes. This enables your site to operate smoothly despite the constant release of new mobile devices, and does not require extra maintenance every time something new is released.

3. Building trust by providing what they are looking for.

Too many clicks away from the goal.

Consumers value their time and so should you – do not bore the consumer with unnecessary content and page flows. Entertain, inform, and please the customer. Simply engage the customer with appealing copy, give them exactly what they are looking for, and organize content in an aesthetically pleasing way.

For all websites generating revenue or connections, the number of clicks from start to finish should be as few as possible. For a retail website, the shopping cart and checkout buttons should always be accessible from any page. For a service or personal site, a call to action should be easily accessible within the first few seconds of viewing the site.

Too many distractions between the customer and the sale.

Simple. Do not fill your website with clutter. Make it as easy as possible for a customer to get to the products for sale. Outdated pages or pages without sufficient content are just a waste of time for a customer. Minimize your bounce rate, by keeping all pages current and clean. Create and manage posts in a way that adequately reflects your product, make yourself proud.

Site Load Time

The slow loading of a site can be caused by any number of things: your photos are too heavy, your server is old and slow, your sites code is unstructured, etc. We recommend that you have a professional look at this, but you can start by checking your hosting provider for the kind of package you have.

As you can see there are probably many things that we can all improve on that will help with lead and sale generation, but the most important thing to have is a mentality of “moving forward.” Always keeping the customer in mind and focusing on improving content is the centerpiece of what we do as a company, and adopting this mentality will keep your online store away from stagnancy.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you with anything that we’ve mentioned in today’s blog!

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Since 2011, Jon Grogan has been working heavily in the fields of design, photography and digital marketing. He vigorously pursues a minimalistic style in all of his work and aims to provide each individual relationship with quality and friendship.

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